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A Note from Chuck

It is with great pride that we announce our 60th year in business! My Father John A. Frate started our family business in 1959 at just 16 years old! Back then things were a bit different and he was able to go to school in the mornings and work thereafter.

My Dad worked very hard to provide for all of us. He always put the needs of our family first. I can remember him leaving me a fifty cent piece for lunch every day when I was just a kid. Dad would work tirelessly every day often into the evening! He worked in the rain, sun and cold. Many times I can remember coming home from playing with my friends and he would fall asleep on the couch and we would try to be quiet so he could rest. He always told us to work hard and save your money, this is something that really resonated with me.

Growing up in our neighborhood we all played little league baseball at our park. My Dad would always make the games late because of his work and often he would be full of dirt from the day’s work, but he always made it!

As I hit my teens I began to like the idea of helping him. I would work in the summertime when school was done doing a variety of things from shoveling dirt to watering plants. Dad was the best teacher; he was hard on me but always fair. He would say that there are easier ways to make a living and to go to college. When I graduated high school I decided that this work is what I wanted to do. I loved the creative aspect of designing and installing. I also loved the physical part of being able to really stay in shape while doing my work; this is something I really liked. I began to really work hard with my dad, he was such an inspiration. He was 22 years older than me but could do just about any physical thing better than anyone that we worked with. I can tell you some great stories, some mythical of his great strength and speed.

Over the years we have worked together on hundreds of projects from high end residential work to corporate headquarters, clinics, hospitals, hotels and even a Billionaire. With his teachings I would go on to really become really good. Our company really grew.

Frate cares about its employees and customers. We have been blessed to have a crew of 35 hard working people who share our passion of trying to be the very best! People love our tremendous service and attention to each project that we are given. They say God gives everyone a gift and I think he has given us the talent, vision, and hard work ethic to be successful. We have survived down times and good times and really understand good old fashioned hand shake on your word type of doing business. I always tell people you get the same Frate whether you spend one hundred dollars or one hundred thousand dollars with us. It is our privilege to serve you.

If you like this type of old fashioned style, give us a call! I really want to thank all of your families for helping our family business become what it is today. My Father is still very active today and still loves his job as much as the young man he was in 1959. Dad is a world of knowledge and experience. I love to bounce ideas off him and I am truly blessed to have shared many of his 60 year ride! Looking back I know that I chose the right path!! With nearly 100 years behind us we look to the future of continued excellence in our field.

Thanks DAD!